Cosmedico high pressure lamps offer the effects which will amaze you with their naturalness and meet all of the quality requirements. High pressure Cosmedico lamps are customized for a professional use, ensuring high quality tanning and long term pigmentation. The offer covers all of the popular types of tanners from 200 to 2000V. Independently from GY 9.5, G12, R7S or lamps ended with a cable, they all offer the highest efficiency during use time – up to 800h. High pressure Cosmedico lamps are a perfect solution for all of the conventional sunbeds.

Wattage (1)Total length (mm) (2)BaseBulb (/mm)Electrode distance mm (3)Crystal (4)Pack unitUseful Life (hrs)Ordering code
Cosmedico N 250 GY 9.5200-25068SE-GY 9.51518OF2580024080
Cosmedico N 300-500 GY 9.5300-500105SE-GY 9.513.532OF2580024073
Cosmedico N 500 GY 9.5400-600106SE-GY 9.516.331OF2580024061
Cosmedico M E 1000 SBSN GY 9.5600-800106SE-GY 9.52529FDA2580024022
Cosmedico N 800 GY 9.5800-1000115SE-GY 9.518.535OF2580024172
Cosmedico N 1000 GYX 9.51000129SE-GY 9.5 lang24.528OF2580024171
Cosmedico N 1200-1500 GY 9.51000-1200132SE-GY 9.524.550OF2580024177
Cosmedico N 400-600 G12400-600106SE-G121729OF1080020095
Cosmedico N 400 R7s300-500106DE-R7s13.531.5OF2580024070
Cosmedico N 500 R7s400-600106DE-R7s16.331OF2580024075
Cosmedico N 800 R7s800114DE-R7s18.535OF2580024179
Cosmedico N 400 L300-500114DE-7mm wire13.531.5OF2580024072
Cosmedico N 1000 L1000138DE-10mm wire24.550OF2580024170
Cosmedico N 2000 L1800-2000171DE-10mm wire2875OF2580024270